Couverture chocolate is made up of cocoa butter and cocoa mass (A paste produced by grinding roasted cocoa beans.) The flavor and smooth buttery texture of the chocolate are defined by quality, origin, roasting methodology, and the grinding time of the beans.

The difference is in the composition. Couverture chocolate is composed of cocoa butter and cocoa mass, while compound chocolate is composed of vegetable oil and cocoa powder. Couverture chocolate is smoother and more pronounced in flavor, while compound chocolate can be waxy, pasty, and may taste processed due to the use of cocoa powder.

Simply put, it is the conversion of a cocoa bean to a chocolate bar. Cocoa beans are carefully selected, cleaned, roasted, cracked, winnowed, ground, and tempered to produce silky, smooth chocolate. Bean-to-bar chocolates are also known as craft chocolate.

This means that the cocoa beans are sourced directly from the farmer.

Our beans are sourced from an organic farm on the foothills of Wayanad, Kerala.

We buy some of our beans from an organic farm. Not all farms in India are organic certified as they require a certain amount of investment and knowledge, which is difficult to achieve in a country like India. Thus, it would be incorrect to say that we are organic certified. We, however, believe in buying from farms that handle their produce with care and respect.

Dark chocolate does not contain any milk/alternate milk solids. Cocoa butter and cocoa mass are often combined with milk/dairy powder or alternate milk/non-dairy – plant-based milk powder to produce milk chocolate.

Our chocolate is predominantly made of cocoa butter and it easily melts at temperatures beyond 86° F. The average human body temperature is 96° F, which is why our chocolates melt. It is for this very reason that our chocolates melt in your mouth when consumed.

Store unopened chocolates in a cool, dry, hygienic place. When the chocolate is opened, store the chocolates in the fridge inside the package. Never store chocolates in the fridge openly or in the freezer. Avoid direct sunlight at all costs.

The chocolates will stay fresh for at least 6 months, if refrigerated and stored properly. We would, however, recommend you consume the chocolates within 15-30 days from the date of manufacture for the best experience.

If you prefer moderately hard, smooth chocolate, open the pack soon after delivery, or as soon as you pick it up from the store. If you prefer your chocolate to have a snap, refrigerate it with the package for at least 10 minutes before consuming it.

Our chocolates are made with cocoa butter due to which our chocolates have a low tolerance to heat. Change in humidity and temperature leads to the formation of a whitish layer or causes the chocolate to go soft or lose its form, neither of which makes it unsuitable for consumption.

Do not refrigerate. Place the chocolate in a cool and dry place and the chocolate will eventually solidify.

Our chocolates are white sugar-free. Our chocolates are made with Khandsari/raw sugar which is diabetic-friendly.

Yes, our chocolates are gluten-free.

Our dark chocolates are vegan, while our milk chocolates contain dairy.

Our chocolates are hand-made with minimal to no machinery and are always made in small batches.

Our chocolates are priced at INR 375 to offset the costs involved in delivering an indulgent product. Our chocolates are bean-to-bar with beans sourced directly from farmers, who are paid fairly for their time and effort. Our chocolates are centre-filled, indulgent bars with exotic and honest ingredients that have been sourced ethically and made into delicious homemade fillings.

All our orders are shipped from our own or third party warehouses/ stores or offices from various points in India. We aim to deliver your orders 5-7 days from receipt of order and payment.

Order deliveries will be made usually between 10.30 am – 7 pm Monday –Sunday.

Since our chocolates are heat-sensitive*, we need to put them in a heat-resistant box with ice gel packs and air-ship them for express service. This means we need to charge extra for shipping.

Shipping and handling rates may vary based on product, packaging, size, volume, type, and other considerations. The shipping and handling charges are given at the time of check out and consumers will know about this before making payments.

*refer to point 8 for more info.

We do not take responsibility for incorrect addresses, provided at the time of placing the order. 

The delivery will NOT be redirected/redelivered to any other address in any circumstance. The selected product will be delivered only in the city it is mentioned as “available” on this Site. Brightland shall not be held responsible for damage to products after delivery.

Brightland will consider the order delivery “failed” in the following cases:

Delivery was not done due to the wrong address.

The recipient is not available.

Premises locked.

In case of floods/ Heavy Rains/ National Bandh/ National Holidays, we reserve the right to reschedule the delivery for another date.

In case the product is not delivered due to any of the above reasons, we will inform you about the same.

Yes, we do, although the customization is subject to a minimum order quantity. It also depends on the percentage of cocoa, flavor, filling, and package design.

Chocolate cavity designs will be charged additionally.

You can write to us and we'd be happy to connect and share more details!

Our email address is info@brightlandchocolates.com

We are happy to customize gift baskets for you. We can include small notes, custom logo tags, personal cards, ribbons, or anything else you'd like to send the important people in your life! 

You can write to us and we'd be happy to connect and share more details!

Our email address is info@brightlandchocolates.com