Here’s our story

Our story begins in 2022, when the world went back to regular programming, now equipped with the knowledge of mindful living, and we, a team of trained chocolatiers, realised that we held the power to re-introduce the magic of childlike wonder back into our lives.

It’s long been speculated that magic doesn’t exist, but we respectfully disagree. Not the magic wands and spells kind; magic for us is in our daily lives. When everything goes right, when the sun shines brighter than usual, when that stray cat accepts you as a human, when you find money in your pocket, when your crush agrees to go out with you, or when get that super quick approval from the client- what is all this if not a brilliant stroke of the big M? Brightland is a humble attempt at capturing this feeling of magic, artfully packed and served to you in a box; it’s a reminder to set aside your worries and savour the sweet treats of life, complete with all the lip-smacking and finger-licking rituals.

This magic remained a loyal side-kick as a team of hard-working chocolatiers got to work to make chocolate the way it’s meant to be- creamy, smooth and a catalyst of fun. Our small production unit with the capacity to produce 50kgs of chocolate every month resides in the lush green, royal city of Mysuru, where we spend hours making the treats (and trying our best not to eat them all.) We take naps on the lawn, we show off our workspace to our friends, we spend time on Instagram, enjoy lazy Biryani lunches, and spend weekend mornings in the farm at the factory.